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Why She Cares About Her Appearance: What Women Want: Part Two

Last week, in an attempt to help out every man in a relationship, I talked about how, despite what most men think, women are not that complicated. It’s simply a case of men not truly wanting to understand their lady. We also talked about  how she wants her feelings to be heard and understood, not solved. This week, we’ll deal with an issue that many, if not every, man has dealt with — women’s appearances. Men, here’s what you need to know: read more


MEN: Shut Up And Listen: What Women Want: Part One

If you’re a man, I’m sure you’ve thought about how complex women are. How they simply can’t be figured out. How they do the most bizarre things, for unknown reasons. (If you’re a woman, it’s likely you agree.) If you have, then you will find this next statement confusing and perplexing. Women are not as complicated as you think they are. They’re actually rather simple. read more


I Am Ready For Love… Or Am I?

I woke up this morning singing — or rather, groaning — the melody of one of my favorite India Arie songs. It’s perhaps one of my favorite songs of all time, India or not because it seems to voice those wants and desires that I can’t always articulate myself. And it does so in a beautiful way.

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The Reason Men Love Women Who Cook

I love to eat. Ask anyone who knows anything about me and they will emphatically confirm that. So it should come as no surprise that I, along with most men in the world, love a woman who can cook. There is just something so attractive and wonderful about a women who can create all the things that your stomach craves (and look good doing it). read more


Is It Beauty, Brains, Or Both?

I’m shallow; I’ll admit it. I judge people by their appearances. I make assumptions about their personality and the lifestyle based of what I see. Chances are good you have or do too.

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Is Selfishness Killing Our Relationships?

By StuMcDnld  //  Relationships  //  Comments Off

Over the weekend I was privy to an interesting conversation among some people whose opinions were, to say the least, different from mine. Any time I can hear another perspective or point of view, I take it. You never know what you might learn.

In this instance, the conversation, as it often tends to do when you have more than two single people in the same place, moved to relationships and sex. Different people spoke their pieces and some disagreed with others — the usual. What stuck out was one gentleman’s perspective when it came to sex and pleasing his partner. read more


Your Guide to Dating Christians


So you’ve heard that one of the best places to find a nice guy or girl for you to spend the rest of your life with is in the church, huh? Or perhaps you’ve heard that’s where you find the biggest freaks. Either way, you want to date a Christian, but you’re just not sure how to go about it. After all, Christian culture can be a bit strange sometimes. But you’re right to think that most Christians are great people. They’re very accepting, welcoming, and open to exploring new things. For the most part, they’re good people to be in a relationship with, given that you don’t mind adhering to a few (mostly unspoken) “rules.” In order to help you out, I’ve listed a few of those rules and the best ways to navigate them. Enjoy.

Act saved. Being a Christian is all about maintaining appearances. Try not to yell at people in public or listen to any non-worship music (when other people are around) or dress to scantily because people won’t think that you know Jesus. Please make sure you remember your manners. And the more ways you can find to use Scripture in your daily life, the better. read more


You Put Your Own Ring On It?

When I see a woman for the first time, there are three things that I immediately look at: her face, her shoes, and her left ring finger — in that order. Overall physique and body type is important, but, I’ll get to that as I move from her face to her shoes and over to her ring finger. Why the ring finger? There’s no use thinking about anything further if her finger is occupied with a wedding (or even engagement) ring, is there?

Lately I’ve noticed that many women wear other types of rings on their left ring finger — the finger where people usually wear a wedding band. However, these rings don’t signify any commitment to another person, something a wedding/engagement ring does, and, in fact, can serve to confuse interested single men.

I have seen this technique used to one’s advantage, though. I have a good female friend who is single and travels about three weeks out of any given month. She’s open to dating, but it’s certainly not her top priority. In order to keep away random guys who try to approach her, — because, believe me, they do (and I can’t blame them) — she wears an engagement ring. It’s a nice one too. Of course, it’s not real, but a man who would approach her in the airport wouldn’t notice — especially since most men don’t have good sense in jewelry and it’s authenticity. read more


Chemistry vs Compatibility — Vlog

In any relationship, whether romantic or platonic, chemistry plays a role. It can make a “bad” relationship seem better than it is, and an already good relationship seem euphoric. But how important is it really? How does it compare to compatibility? Ultimately where we rank chemistry and compatibility are personal choices, but either way, their importance is inescapable.

Check out some more of my thoughts in the video below and let me know where you fall?


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The Biggest Reason You’re Not Married

There are certain questions that I can’t stand to answer. Partially because the answer will bring no benefit to the questioner, and partially because the question itself makes certain implications. My favorite (or perhaps least favorite) question of this type — “Why aren’t you married/dating/in a relationship?”

We all love to get that question, don’t we? Whether it’s family, parents, old friends we haven’t seen in a while, or maybe a new acquaintance (but I hope not a date, lest they’ve forgotten their manners), they all want to know why we haven’t been “snatched up” into a relationship.

I’ve been guilty of asking this question before, as I’m sure you have. When I ask the question, it’s really a less offensive way of saying, “What’s wrong with you? Where are your defects? Do you have a personality disorder? There must be some logical explanation as to why someone hasn’t decided they want to spend the rest of their life with you? What’s the problem?”  That’s the backhanded brilliance of the “why aren’t you” question — it says all that and more in such a way that people often don’t have a decent answer. read more

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